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*22 weeks: head in the clouds

My dear, sweet Babe. I would put my head in the clouds, if I could. We are looking for a new place to live for the next years and it’s making my mind swirl. You Daddy is putting his signature on a contract for a huge project, that will consume his work life in many ways for many years. And you know – I’m up for change, I like new beginnings, I say bring it on with the challenge, but yes. I also wanna put my head in the clouds. I wanna have peace of mind and dream of my days ahead with you.
Do you wanna dream with me?

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*21 weeks: the nest

My dear sweet Baby. I bet, when you are able to read this one day, you’ve heard the story a thousand times. The story of us waiting for you and me being impatient after about one week (you will also have found out by then, that patience is not exactly my strong suit. Ahem). So while I was waiting and praying for you and also for our new home, one day, God gave me great encouragement through a picture. In the summer, when the windows where open, a dove had gotten into my sacret attic space, where I sit and write each day, and this dove managed to build a small nest and in this nest, there was an egg. And egg and a nest – exactly the two things I have been praying for and longing for, this whole time.  And two weeks later, I took a pregancy test, that was positive. Hooray, YOU are on the way! I hoped, we will also find a new place to live by the time you arrive, but actually, we are still looking and the chances of us moving are shrinking by the minute. So when I talked to my great friend and even greater spiritual director Kristian about it, he gently offered some helpful advice: we are pretty good at seeing Gods signs and the ways, he talks to us. But there is more than one way to interpret those signs (and we’re sometimes not equally skilled at interpreting, ahem). I saw a nest and an egg. And the egg-part has become reality and well, right now, you my little egg are settled in the best nest there is. You are safe and warm, nourished and protected – by me. I am your nest. This new perspective brought a whole new wave of encouragement. Cause Baby, I wanna keep being your nest, just like I am for your sweet sisters. And while I have a tendency to spot all the little wholes and flaws, I am actually a good nest.
So sit tight, little Baby birdy. We may not have a new place to live, once you arrive, but I promise, you will have a warm and safe nest with us.

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*19 weeks: pregnant diva alert

Oh, dear sweet Babe. You have no idea what you turn me into.
You know – I used to be a tought little gal. I was determined, I was strong, I had the willpower to do about anything in the world. I always had a soft side, yes, but there was no hint of princess attitude about me.
And now? Now I am a lot to take. For the dear ones around me, but also for myself. I tell your Daddy in the evening – yes, you come home and think this pregnant diva is annoying, but I had to deal with her all day long! Let me tell you – it’s not easy.
Oh, the food sensitivities. Nothing is allowed on the menue and then a couple of ok-things are dismissed for not being tasty. (Hence the handbag full of lemons, cause apparently lemons are tasty. Who knew?)
And oh, the sensual sensitivities. No harsh smell, sounds or gross sights, please. Too stressful. (minus the sound, maybe, cause I am practically deaf. I can hear the person standing next to me, but that person standing two arm length away can talk all they want. I won’t hear).
Oh, the sensitive nerves. I need a lot of time to process things. Especially all the things that miracilously transitioned from being mildly inconvenient, into unbearably annoying. (with „all the things“ I mean literally ALL the things). I wake up at night, violently shaking with bad dreams. I need to sleep in the middle of the day, to make up for it. I feel my heart beat heavy in situations that are medium interesting. Oh, and blushing is my superpower.
Oh, that amazing body of mine. While the belly is showing a cute little bump, I huff and puff like I am 10 full month pregnant, trying to make it to the delivery room in time. I feel uncomfortable most of the time. I cannot bend without groaning and I am not used to this belly as a part of my shape yet, so I bump it into things a lot (and then I groan. A lot). It’s all reeeally graceful and flattering.

I cannot tell you, how ready I am to leave this -uhm, let’s say „different“ version of myself behind for good (you get no younger siblings, did I mention that? Yeah. That’s a done deal, sorry Babe. But you’ll be fine with the two excellent siblings we provide you with at birth. Just trust me on that one.)

But honestly, sweet Baby, I don’t wanna rush this stage. It’s mostly not fun for me, yes, but I know it’s what you need to prepare for your arrival and it’s also what I need to prepare for your arrival. So I will sit tight, groan and moan as I go and and tell the rebel in me to show some respect for that whining diva and for how much this diva still rocks. I mean, I kept the full load of my work and duties and I still do a good job (whilst complaining, but hey, the work gets done). Even when I was gaging in front of the meat isle at the grocery store (I was so sick, I couldn’t stand seeing food, even from a distance) – I still got the job done every week.
Your oldest sister wanted to know about the expression of people being „an expert in their field“ and I explained it to her. She promptly responded, that my field seem to be „loving my children“ and I’m an expert. I loose my patience more often than I care to admit, but oh, I humbly and gratefully take that compliment. I might be a pregnant diva, but I still seem get some important things right.
So here’s to being a little extra-sensitive, extra-annoyed, extra-everything. I would still say – you and I?
We totally rock.


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*18 weeks: understatement of the year

Oh, my dear Baby, it really IS the understatement of the year to say you are highly anticipated. Your sisters are so thrilled and cannot wait to finally meet you. When we told them about you on the morning of the first ultrasound, we did a little treasure hunt with notes troughout the house. Your oldest sister kept jumping up and down after they found the „treasure“ and she kept saying „this is the best treasure of all times!!“. It was too cute. She has now the perfect height to hug and kiss my belly directly and will do so mulitple times a day.
Your other sister is SO proud that you will make her a big sister, too. She keeps telling people, she will be a big sister. And trust me, when I tell you: She will take her job as big sister VERY seriously. She has been practising a lot with her dolls after all. In the first week, after we told them, she would wake up every morning, open her eyes and promptly ask, if you were here already.
Of all the things that I expected with a third pregnancy – the joy and delight and anticipation of your sisters was a complete and sweet surprise. It’s so fun to watch and I am sure their excitement for you will only increase in the spring.

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the best idea

You, my little Baby, you are awesome. You are so loved and so wanted. Your big sisters can’t wait to meet you (in fact, they asked every morning for a solid week, if you have finally arrived). You are prayed for and hoped for and longed for. It’s so good to have you on the way.
But to be honest with you: It was the best idea we had this summer, but I have been paying for it for all of autumn. Life in the last weeks and month was horrible. I have too many physical issues, too many emotional issues, too much of everything. Except patience that is. So I am slowing plowing my way through the jungle of pregnancy, through the waves of hormones, through the food-challenges  and the life-without-coffee-challenge and the never-ending nausea. Practicing grace with myself, saying „I’m sorry“ every day, learning once again how incredibly bendable we are as human beings to change (current or long term). Even change  that makes us a different person (and by „a different person“, I actually mean „a difficult person“. Ugh.).  More than once I thought „this is too much to carry“, but I am learning that I am indeed strong enough for this. Strong enough to have you with me, strong enough to give you everything you need.
So welcome, my sweet Babe, to my belly*report series, that starts today. I will document our time together every week and I will make an effort not to complain all the time. Promise.
You are a true miracle and that is not lost on me.
Thank God you are here.

Eine pregnante Bini

P.S. belly*report #1 + belly*report #2!

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Füße HOCH!

39 weeks
[39 Wochen]

Juhuu! Die Hochzeit war schön und wir haben kein Kind bekommen! Der 2. Geburtstag der kleinen Norali war schön und wir haben kein Kind bekommen! Wunderbar.
Und jetzt: Einatmen, ausatmen. Und natürlich Benjamin Cors Buch „Strandgut“ lesen – ein fabelhafter Krimi, den er im heimathafen geschrieben hat. Genau richtig, um die letzten to dos einfach unerledigt zu lassen…

Wir warten gespannt und entspannt und irgendwie ist das gleichzeitig möglich.

Oh, mein liebes, kleines Mädchen – du bist herzlich willkommen. Heute oder nächste Woche oder übernächste. Wir FREUEN uns mehr auf dich, als wir sagen können.

See you soon! Jipihh!

Eine Füße hochlegende Bini

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Hochschwanger zur Hochzeit, jipih!!

38 weeks
[38 Wochen im Hochzeitsfest-Outfit]

Meine Ärztin hatte keinerlei Bedenken, darum fahren wir morgen in die Schweiz, juhu! Aber statt Fotos machen, hätte ich mal packen sollen… Ui! Darum gibt’s nächste Woche mehr, wenn wir zurück sind.

Bis dahin dürft ihr mir alle fest die Daumen drücken, dass das kleine Innenkind noch für eine Woche ein Innenkind bleibt… Nach der Hochzeit wird nämlich mein Außenkind 2 Jahre alt und da ich jedem meiner Kinder seinen höchstpersönlichen und exklusiven Geburtstag gönne, hoffe ich sehr, dass sich die kleinste Miss so viel Zeit noch lässt…

38 weeks

Aber jetzt wird erstmal gefeiert!

38 weeks

Eine schnell-noch-packende Bini

P.S. Kann irgendjemand verstehen, dass ich mich SO SO SEHR auf einen road trip nur mit dem weltbesten Ehemann freue! [Die kleine Norali bleibt hier, bei Omi&Opi] Juhu!! Es wird so schön! [und wir werden trotzdem ständig anhalten – um neuen Kaffee zu kaufen, yeah!]

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Die Tafelwand und der volle Kopf. [und der iced coffee]

37 weeks[37 Wochen – im Style der ersten Bauch*Reportage, hihi…]

Mein Kopf schwirrt vor Dingen und to dos und wasnochalleszutunwäre… Jaja, der Nestbautrieb ist voll im Gange. Ist eine lustige Kombination mit den steigenden körperlichen Einschränkungen und der brüllenden Hitze (ich übertreibe, ich weiß. Aber so fühlt es sich an! Wie schaffen es andere Frauen um August hochschwanger zu sein?!?).

Aber Schritt für Schritt werden die Dinge noch erledigt [besonders die Schwangerschafts Massage war herrlich ;)] und was ich nicht schaffe, schaffe ich eben nicht. Man muss auch genug Zeit für iced coffee haben. Oh ja!

37 weeks

Das mit meinen Haaren ist auch eine lustige Sache… Und für das ungeübte Auge mit Sicherheit nicht zu erkennen. Aber die Wahrheit ist, ich habe [für gewöhnlich, im unschwangeren, nicht-stillenden Zustand] eher dünne  und eher wenig Haare. Aber dank der aktuellen Hormon-Lage ist mein Kopf so VOLLER Haare, wie nie zuvor [und ein wenig wellen sie sich sogar!]. Das versuche ich in vollen Zügen zu genießen, bevor mit dem Stillen wieder der Haarausfall kommt [uaah, Alptraum!]

So wie ich überhaupt versuche, das Ende dieser Schwangerschaft zu genießen… Ja, es könnten noch drei Wochen sein [oder mehr…], aber es könnte auch morgen los gehn, wuaa!

37 weeks

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Ich freu mich schon soooo…. Und jetzt: noch einen iced coffee, bitte!

Eine schlürfende Bini

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…und vorbereiten!

36 weeks
[36 Wochen]

Diese Woche war die kleine Norali ein wenig krank und mein Kopf ist fast geplatzt vor lauter Dingen, die ich gerne erledigen möchte [jaja, Nestbautrieb, ich weiß ;)]. Stattdessen haben wir gelesen bis uns beiden die Bücher allesamt zum Hals raushingen.

Neben all den praktischen Dingen, stehen jetzt auch sämtliche Termine bei Ärzten, Hebammen, Krankenhäusern an – es beginnt sich ganz schön nah anzufühlen… HUI! [andererseits sind’s vielleicht noch 6 Wochen, bis die kleine Miss auf der Welt ist. Hm.]

Aber jetzt: Weiter in der to do Liste!

Eine produktive Bini

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[35 Wochen]

[Dies ist leider nicht mein wunderschöner Balkon, sondern der meiner Freunde, wo ich alle paar Tage gieße.]

Da ich ein großartiger Verfechter von VORFREUDE bin, ist jetzt genau meine Zeit. Oh, liebes Kind, du kannst dir gar nicht vorstellen, wie ausgiebig und intensiv ich mich auf dich vorfreue. So so sehr.

Was mir leider nicht so liegt, ist großzügig und gnädig mit meinen Einschränkungen umzugehen. Die frustrierten Ausrufe werden mehr, wenn ich beim Schuhe anziehn Sternchen sehe und die doooofe Treppe ein dreiundachzigstes Mal am Tag hochgehn muss, wegen der schon erwähnten Vergesslichkeit. Dass sich meine Schlafposition-Auswahl von vier erst auf drei, dann zwei und jetzt eine reduziert haben, kann ich ebenso wenig begrüßen. Aber rechts tun die Rippen weh, also bleibt nur links. [auf dem Rücken würde ich sicher auch irgendwann Sternchen sehn und über den Bauch brauchen wir nun wirklich nicht zu reden. Nee, wirklich nicht.]

Aber was soll’s. Die nächsten 5 Wochen werde ich links schlafen, über das Schuhe anziehn schimpfen, den schönen Balkon gießen und mich vorfreuen. Oh ja!

Eine langsamer werdende Bini