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*36 weeks: I’m ready, whenever you are.

My sweet little Baby.
So as of this week, I can officially go to the same hospital, where your sisters were born, if you decide to come early. For me, that was kind of the deal breaker. Meaning – as of this week: you can come whenever you are ready. I’m ready, too. Yes, there are still appointments (docs and acupuncture and last things to organize). Yes, there are still shopping lists (how many diapers will you need in that first week??). Yes, there are still texts and calls and yes, there are still older kids to pick up from Kindergarten and to entertain – but honestly? All this can wait, if you decide to come. (But I totally get it, if you decide to stay put for a while. You have some weeks left, after all!) Either way: I’m ready, whenever you are.

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*35 weeks: the one with all the laundry.

Oh Baby, it’s getting real over here! I’ve been washing and folding Baby clothes, it’s been fun and soothing and I am getting just sooooo excited for your arrival! There are some last things to do (always), but we are heading towards the finish line and this hungry Mama is ready (to be able to eat normal again. Also to see your lovely face. Definiately in reversed order.)

In the meantime, I will fold tiny Baby clothes and dream of you.


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*34 weeks: I am soo athletic!

Oh, sweet Baby,
I made so many well-intended plans for this pregnancy. Working out regularly to remain strong was amongst them. Now I just realized: if I spend thirty minutes cooking without the chance to sit down – that totally counts as work out!

(And let’s not forget all the stairs in our house, the daily Kindergarten pick up and last but not least the two big sisters, that keep me on my feet!)

So yeah. Next week is my last Yoga class and after that, I will call it a „work out“, every time I cook. Sounds good to me!

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*33 weeks: the (season) finale is near!

Oh, dear Baby,
your Daddy and I watched so much of the TV Show „Suits“ during this pregnancy, I would not be entirely surprised, if you were born with a tie, a glas of whiskey in your hand and a kick-ass-attitude, just like the lawyers in „Suits“. I wonder, if I should play you the theme song as a lullaby to help you sleep, once you are here. I also wonder, if you are already fluent in English (with all the legal terms, of course). And I wonder, if you learned some of Harveys tricks and adapted some of Donnas genius. We’ll see. The season finale is near and I am not sure, how life will continue afterwards.
(Then on the other hand, this pregnancy’s finale is also near, so I do know exactly, how life will continue afterwards. Oh yes!)

Also: as it happens, you are due right along with the new royal baby in Duchess Meghans belly. Yes, that Meghan, who played Rachel on „Suits“. This will of course be either your royal best girlfriend or maybe your future husband. I know, Baby. You are welcome.

Let’s enjoy the rest of the show!
(both: „Suits“ and this pregnancy! Yeah!)